[Guardian Angel of Hetch-Hetchy . . .]

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Hetch-Hetchy (Guardian Angel)

[Cont’d: Guardian Angel of Hetch-Hetchy)

* * *

Maybe today’s San Francisco – in spite of her thirst for the waters of Hetch-Hetchy – would shirk the duty to uphold Mankind’s servitude of Creation. But she shouldn’t.  In spite of our current rage for the theocratic reign of Environmentalism the Religion, O’ Shaughnessy Dam is not a scarring sign of Man’s Original Sin: its engineering magnificence not a sloppy bite into some fallen virgin apple. .

There is no righteous reason to pull the dam down and restore the submerged valley. There is, though, a stewardship duty to keep it as it is: to stand athwart this engineering marvel and cry stop.

O’ Shaughnessy Dam is a witness to the truest truth one can say about Man, that he is created in God’s image.

It is said that such creaturliness has something to do with stewardship: mankind tending God’s garden, standing guard over its integrity. And so it is, our Hog-Bristle Brush picturing it all out.

Such caretaking is not static: as nature never is, never truly staying virgin. Nature is mad for Man’s knowing – as Adam knew Eden’s beasts. Taking up the duties of a steward Mankind does God one better, for he makes and invents as a creature.

Hetch-Hetchy’s dam testifies to Man as a sharer in God’s creativity, in His pleasure of invention.  It does so, boldly.  One could say that that Damn Beautiful Dam enhances and calls forth the Genesis story: that it too, this dam, this pile of concrete and rod, can glorify God the Creator by magnifying Man'[s calling as maker and inventor.

God did not call Man the Crown of Creation for nothing.

© Stephen L. Golay

 * * *


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