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R. E. L. E. A. S. E.

[Sept. 16, 2015]

Putin Called Elton John and said “let’s talk”.
Putin should first call us up for qa sit down chat.!



Putin should be curious about our Provocative Rooms Project: 12 Rooms/Plus 1 and step into Room 12. Take a look of what’s hung on the wall. His “let’s do lunch” talk with Sir Elton will be better informed.

Actually, we’re not going to pull the curtain on Room 12 until we have completed the first three. Room #1 highlights California’s most contentious controversy: the drought, water, Delta Smelt supremacism. Certainly bound to be provocative: “The Guardian Angel of Hetch-Hetchy: One Damn Beautiful Dam”. (Take a look a its dedicated page.)

Best, review our exhibition summary: Provocative Rooms Project: 12 Rooms/Plus 1.  Each installation room center stages a major painting from our The Provocatives. The completion of all 12 (plus 1) rooms will be one for the history books.

Are we being grossly arrogant? No, just confident that these over-sized works – in size and theme – will do the chore assigned to them.

Be in the vanguard. Invest in what’s coming up. Look to yourself and your list of collectors.

To get this project off the ground  Room #1 is going for a  bargain. The centerpiece painting, preparatory studies and sketches, the installations.

Join us join the future with success.

Give us a call.

(209) 588.2935

One left over question: Will President Putin give us a ring?